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Estwing's Outdoor Tools

Watch the video to find out about Estwing's range of speciality outdoor tools. Established in 1923 and made in the USA, Estwing are known for producing the finest range of solid steel hammers and construction tools, providing both tradesmen and consumers with long lasting, high quality products.

Estwing's range of striking tools are ideal for a number of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, tree trimming and fireplace use. Outdoorsmen depend on Estwing's high quality axes and cutting tools to make light work of their tasks.

This video features a number of Estwing's outdoor tools, the following items can be found on our website and are all available in the UK.

Estwing Camper's Axe: E44A - 400mm (16") blue nylon vinyl grip handle/ E45A - 650mm (26") blue nylon vinyl grip handle

Sportsman's Axe: E24A - 300mm (12") leather grip handle/ E14A - 356mm (14") leather grip handle

Fireside Friend: E3FF4 - 345mm (14") blue nylon vinyl grip handle

Sure-Split Wedge: E-5 - 5lb wedge

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